Magic Santa; Real Magic, both Live and Online!

Magical Santaclaus - Live & Online

As our Magical Santaclaus, magician Gerard brings you the magical christmas atmosphere. He mingles between the guests with his magic tricks in a friendly way. Off course he makes it complete with a picture moment. In a staged setting he can also perform a magical show with your company message.

Christmas drink

The Magical Santaclaus is a very cheerfull way to upgrade your christmas drink! He can also perform a magical show with your company message. His show will be the talkabout of your event.

Santaclaus for everyone!

A real surprise makes mouths drop and mutes every conversation, followed by laughter. This happens with everyone, which makes the magic of Magical Santaclaus so beautifull. The Magical Santaclaus delivers his shows in Dutch, English, German, he can even speak a little French. Everyone will be impressed, it makes your magical christmas party one to remember.

Close-up christmas magic

Santaclaus mingles between your guests, very often the magic happens in their own hands. The experience of magic this close-up is a very special one.

A short movie from Santa

A movie, short or longer, is also possible. Your message brought by Santa. Magic effects can be added where appropriate.

Not only table-magic but also stage magic!

A stage magic act can be added without additional costs if you'd wish.
That magical christmas feeling both on stage and at your table.

The Magic Santa Claus was stupendous.

"The Magic Santa Claus was stupendous.
I thoroughly enjoyed his jolly japes and his magic was truly magnificent.
I hope that Rudolph brings Magic Santa Claus to visit every Christmas!
Kindest regards

Wendy Tonks"

Surprisingly good!

"A pleasure to watch, even when we watch the taped video version it is impossible to see how he does it.
Surprisingly good!
Ben van Boxtel"

We were very impressed, really great!!!!!

"Hi Gerard,

Such a nice santaclaus, he tops it with those great magictricks...
We were very impressed, really great!!!!!
Will you be here when we have another party???

Regards Diana, Marlies en Brigitte – Albron"

Lots of astonishment and people who wonder

We have had Magical Santaclaus on our yearly christmas drink, it was a great addition to our evening. He mingled between the guests and made sure everyone got the right attention. With his great tricks he surprised en wondered everyone of our colleagues! Thanks!!

Nathalie Emons

Magic Santaclaus

Real Christmas atmosphere/p>

Professional magician

Alround, both closeup and stagemagic

Top magical entertainment

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Flexible and collaborative

Also available in English

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